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Because I am still suffering the after effects of a spiked drink at the weekend (and so is [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach to a lesser extent), and have been advised to take it very easy for the next few days at least, there will be no Yggdrasil moot tomorrow night.


Dec. 12th, 2006 09:51 am
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The Hearth moot was OK last night. [livejournal.com profile] caleywytch did a fun workshop on pendulums*. I remain solidly unconvinced that they are any use for divination, especially in my hands. Or [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach’s, either: never seen a pendulum just not move at all like that. She must have very steady hands.

I dropped a couple of hints to [livejournal.com profile] caleywytch about coming to Trout, and she did finally say she would (it seems she has been getting similar hints from [livejournal.com profile] dalg).

It seems my doing the intro and announcements at the Hearth is becoming a regular thing. OK...

Sammy Dow’s is not the place it was. There is a worrying lack of stock behind the bar, and someone was complaining last night that theyhad been out of peanuts since last Wednesday. Perhaps it will be the next pub to close in that street.

There were some new faces last night, plus a couple who were there for the second time. They ended up asking me about Heathenry, so I tried to explain what it was all about in twenty minutes, which is not easy especially if you can’t avoid Wyrd (as I think has been said before, by [livejournal.com profile] psychochicken if not me, Wyrd seems to greatly resemble the Tao, not least in that if you manage to describe Wyrd, you haven’t really got it). I also always feel concerned that I might be too enthusiastic talking about it, because it is not up to me to suggest to them that this is the faith for them: it might very well not be. They have their Wyrd, and it might not even involve anything connected with any group of gods. I think I got the point over that they need to not rush at things, take it easy and see where they are being pulled. I hope so.

[*That is, she had fun, we did the work.]

Two things

Dec. 6th, 2006 10:11 pm
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1. For those who want to see it, Doctor Who shall be shown on BBC1 at 7pm on Christmas Day. I know this because [livejournal.com profile] burkesworks posted the link to the yuletide schedules. Cheered me up no end. Not because of the programmes, which I have not really looked at, but because... Well, put it this way: would you think How many hours are there in a day? was a trick question? Go look at the schedules...

2. Pagans in Glasgow: tomorrow night is the Glasgow City Centre moot. Because of the pissing around from the previous venue (the accursed Blackfriars), we took the precaution of making this a purely social moot, and anyone from the other moots in the city is welcome to come and join us for a bit of social chit-chat before the Yule insanity gets really going.
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The Blackfriars moot is dead.

Long live the Glasgow City Centre Moot.

[For the near future at least this shall meet in the Ingram Bar. First moot under the new name shall be on Thursday, anyone coming should try to bring a book of pagan interest so they can tell us why it is so good everyone should read it or so bad we should be hunting down the author to remove any word processors, pens, pencils and paper to protect us from more of the same.]
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A couple of important points to note regarding two of the city’s moots in the next few days:

Blackfriars moot tomorrow night (Thursday 6th):

This will NOT be in Blackfriars, it will be in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street
, from 7:30pm. Tomorrow night will be a discussion on one or more of the following topics:
  • Should children be allowed to join pagan organisations?
  • Pagan clergy - is this a good idea or a very bad one?
  • Should pagans court or shun the media?

Hearth moot:

There will be NO Hearth moot this month.
Next Hearth moot will be August 14th.

Spread the info around.
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Last night the Hearth celebrated its tenth anniversary — slightly late, actually, it should have been celebrated a couple of months ago, but never mind. For this, Pauline had decided to have a relaxed, sociable evening, most people brought some food and the pub provided some sandwiches, too. Martin came up with his harp and gave us twenty to thirty minutes of excellent music. It’s difficult to believe it is ten years. Seems like yesterday I met Pauline at the old PF moot (run by Bill then, in Times Square’s cosy wee snug). I recall the first few meetings of the Hearth in the Corn Exchange, Martin talking about magic, Pauline casting a circle... it was like old times last night, seeing Martin there, as well as Tim and Janet and some other old faces; and Potia and Ann turned up, too — first time they’ve made it since the moot moved south of the river. I had a thumping headache at the start of the evening, but it passed off — helped, perhaps, by the soothing harp music. Or possibly it was the bottles of wine we sank.

It was a pleasant evening, too, as far as weather went. We left off our jackets and just went in T-shirts & pocketed waistcoats — a good decision, we would have been much too warm with even a light jacket. It was even a pleasantly warm evening to walk home at midnight. Balmy.

First set of names (and £3 deposits) were taken for the Samhuinn party. At least this year, the venue should still be there when we get to Samhuinn. :)

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