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 I'm amazingly wiped out, possibly after having the 'flu vaccination at the weekend. Or it could just be the change in the weather. (This time last week I could still get away with T-shirt and a light jacket; this week, it's more heavy jacket weather.) 

There's a wee season of SF films at the GFT. Tonight is Death Watch - the 1980 Bertrand Tavernier film, starring Harvey Keitel and Romy Schneider, based on D.G. Compton's The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe and filmed in Glasgow. I'm tempted to go to see it (and Alphaville and The Thing and Frau im Mond...) despite having it on disc. On the other hand, I could easily crawl back into bed and sleep. :-)
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Organised by Scottish Animal Rights Alliance.

Saturday 9th December 2006, 12.00 - 6.00pm
Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow
Gifts, vegan food, information and prize draw.
Free Entry
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For some reason recently I keep bumping into people I know. A couple of days ago, we were in the West End and met two people (within about ten minutes) whom we hadn’t seen for some years. Yesterday, on my way to my regular Thursday coffee appointment, I ran into [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil and [[livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem]. Minutes after leaving them, I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach on the mobile when I found Andy Guthrie (who was one of the other speakers at Witchfest) walking beside me. Today, having a quiet pint outside Òran Mór, I found myself being hailed by David (of the huge pentagram). It was only the other night at the Hearth that some of us were wondering what had happened to him. Apparently he is concentrating on his college work, but we may see him at moots soon.

The reason we ended up in the West End a couple of days ago was that [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach had an interview in the north-west of the city, not far from where my family live. I met her there, and we decided (given that it was a warm day) it might be nice to walk to the West End. Which we did. Not sure how far it is — three miles anyway, maybe more — but it was a very pleasant walk. Although we were never more than a hundred metres or so from a street, and generally not further than that from either tenements or blocks of flats, we were surrounded for all but the last five minutes of the walk by trees, the river flowing quietly at one side, and there was no sound to force the presence of the city beyond the greenery on our consciousness. The abundant parkland in the city is only one reason I love Glasgow. We didn’t see any deer this time, though we have in the past. We have also seen some in the Necropolis, which is right in the city centre:

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