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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, actually, on the tube. I think it was the Northern Line, many years ago.

One evening, we were heading home across the city and a couple were sitting opposite us, relaxing comfortably — well, they were sprawled and reclining across several seats. And then the woman took her partner's hand and slowly, very slowly, began to suck his fingers... Everyone else in the carriage was watching, breath bated, while pretending not to. Which she clearly knew and was enjoying.
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Here's the link to the BBC news page:




BBC1 has switched to News 24, and there are eyewitness accounts on it. It seems the man was running onto the train, stumbled as he tried to enter it, and was shot by three armed plainclothes policemen. Police aren't saying much about their shooting of the man as yet.
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A train has been evacuated at Stockwell, passengers heard gunshots and were told to evacuate the train.

An eyewitness has said he saw armed men (plainclothes police?) pursue a man who looked like someone of Pakistani origin onto the train and fire five shots into him, almost certainly killing him.

The shooting of a man at Stockwell has been confirmed by the police.
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It’s an odd thing, because it’s a long time now since I’ve lived in London, but in some ways I stiill feel a bit like a Londoner. I’ve been thinking about that, obviously, since the bombings on Thursday, the carnage at places I recognise, on Tube lines I used regularly.

I have no idea why it should be the case; the amount of time I lived in London was tiny compared with the time I’ve lived elsewhere. Yet last year, when [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach and I were down there for the PF Convention (which was not terribly good, apart from the Researching Paganisms panel and the opportunity to meet friends), we both felt quite at home. We were getting around as though it had been only yesterday we were taking shortcuts in the Tube stations, hurrying up the escalators and getting annoyed with the tourists. There’s still a bit of me that thinks “home” when I see some parts of London on TV. It’s a little odd. I didn’t feel the same in Birmingham when we were down there a while ago (the weekend the shuttle Columbia burned up, whenever that was), and I lived in Birmingham a lot longer than I did in London.

Yesterday, just before we headed out for a curry with a friend (a bit later than expected, because some tits who thought they were making a point about something were protesting on one of the bridges over the Clyde, so Tina got held up getting back from work), [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach sent me this link:


I roared with laughter. I wouldn’t have thought anything anyone could do with that picture would have been funny; but that is perfect. I thought, “Yep, that’s a Londoner’s response.”

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