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Hope everyone has been enjoying whichever midwinter festival they celebrate, even if it's just the chance to not work and slob out in front of the TV. I ended with with more in the way of presents than I expected, including something I wanted but wouldn't have bought for myself, and four Doctor Who DVDs (Colony in Space, Day of the Daleks, The Sun Makers, and The Two Doctors). That's not a bad haul. Oh, and not forgetting the M*A*S*H box set and Castle S3... It's nice to be able to slob out in front of TV without being dependent on the vagaries of the broadcasters. The special edition of Day of the Daleks is pretty well done, by the way.

Cooking dinner yesterday for mother and me went basically OK — it was the first time I'd used that oven, so its idiosyncracies were an unknown quantity. The roast was 80% perfect despite that. Mother's quite tired, but she seemed to enjoy it, and she did have a good appetite. I suspect I will be spending New Year with mother, too.

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Jul. 3rd, 2011 10:39 pm
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The past month or so seems to have been a string of hospital appointments, either for me or taking my mother. (She has a respiratory  clinic this week, slightly bad timing but we should at least find out what's happening with the lesion found by chance last year.) It's been quite fatiguing. My payback/recovery period after exertion has definitely deteriorated, This is a pain. I've still been getting out when possible, but it's been harder work.

After Eastercon, I thought I would read some of David Weber's stuff, and I think I am with [livejournal.com profile] pogodragon (I think it was) who said that having met him she wished she liked his books better. But they are unchallenging reads (if you can swallow the chunks of right wing politics) which are good enough for occupying train journeys.

Talking of train journeys, the new route linking the North Clyde Line through to Edinburgh (so you can get on at Partick or Queen St. Low Level and go through to Haymarket or Waverley via Airdrie, Bathgate and Edinburgh Park) is rather useful. It takes longer (from Queen St.) than the direct shuttle service from the main platforms, maybe 15 minutes longer, but at off peak times it is much quieter, so despite it being more basic it's actually more pleasant than the crammed coaches of the main service.

By the way, if you are in Edinburgh and you like chilli, Illegal Jack's is the place to go. Best chilli ever. It's better than mine. It's on Lothian Road, just across from the Odeon.

Oh, and I have discovered a new indicator of extreme fatigue: when you are having difficulty holding a Kindle...

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My mother should be getting out of hospital today. She's much improved. The leg problem seems to be cellulitis which is responding to antibiotics. The lung problem seems to have been a small pulmonary embolus and she is being started on subcut heparin.

The slight worry is the incidental finding of a very small nodule in the other lung. The concern is obviously that this might be cancer, so she's going to be seen as an out-patient to have that investigated. If it is neoplastic, then it's really a bit of luck it has been found so early.

She is looking a lot better and, obviously, jumping at the bit to get home.

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