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 I'm amazingly wiped out, possibly after having the 'flu vaccination at the weekend. Or it could just be the change in the weather. (This time last week I could still get away with T-shirt and a light jacket; this week, it's more heavy jacket weather.) 

There's a wee season of SF films at the GFT. Tonight is Death Watch - the 1980 Bertrand Tavernier film, starring Harvey Keitel and Romy Schneider, based on D.G. Compton's The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe and filmed in Glasgow. I'm tempted to go to see it (and Alphaville and The Thing and Frau im Mond...) despite having it on disc. On the other hand, I could easily crawl back into bed and sleep. :-)

State of Me

Jul. 3rd, 2011 10:39 pm
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The past month or so seems to have been a string of hospital appointments, either for me or taking my mother. (She has a respiratory  clinic this week, slightly bad timing but we should at least find out what's happening with the lesion found by chance last year.) It's been quite fatiguing. My payback/recovery period after exertion has definitely deteriorated, This is a pain. I've still been getting out when possible, but it's been harder work.

After Eastercon, I thought I would read some of David Weber's stuff, and I think I am with [livejournal.com profile] pogodragon (I think it was) who said that having met him she wished she liked his books better. But they are unchallenging reads (if you can swallow the chunks of right wing politics) which are good enough for occupying train journeys.

Talking of train journeys, the new route linking the North Clyde Line through to Edinburgh (so you can get on at Partick or Queen St. Low Level and go through to Haymarket or Waverley via Airdrie, Bathgate and Edinburgh Park) is rather useful. It takes longer (from Queen St.) than the direct shuttle service from the main platforms, maybe 15 minutes longer, but at off peak times it is much quieter, so despite it being more basic it's actually more pleasant than the crammed coaches of the main service.

By the way, if you are in Edinburgh and you like chilli, Illegal Jack's is the place to go. Best chilli ever. It's better than mine. It's on Lothian Road, just across from the Odeon.

Oh, and I have discovered a new indicator of extreme fatigue: when you are having difficulty holding a Kindle...

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A fairly relaxed, leisurely afternoon/evening out has been curtailed by my muscles, namely some of my leg muscles which were just giving up on me (one tiny little group of them, but enough to throw me off balance) and a chunk of back muscles which decided to go into spasm. So I have cut the day short and returned home to rest. Still, at least I managed to get some constructive stuff done, including picking up my new glasses — varifocals, the first time I have had a pair.  They seem to be just fine, less disorientating than I had feared, and it is very useful to have the option of sight correction which handles near and far vision well. Not having expected to be in tonight I have no plans... I shall find something fun to watch, and relax with some tea, I think.
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I'd thought of going out today, possibly to the cinema (The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Illusionist looking interesting), certainly to Biblo, but my calves this morning were twitchy so taking it easy seemed sensible since tomorrow I am taking my mother to the optician. I'll need a decent sleep tonight too, I think. I have plenty to keep myself amused, anyway.

Fairly random thoughts:

1) I wish there would be a box set release of the Yellow Bird Wallander series. It is so good... so good, actually, I have still not watched the recordings of the BBC series. It's not logical, but I'm so used to Krister Henriksson in the role...

2) Have you seen any of the old programmes being repeated on Yesterday? Some of them look as though they are being broadcast from VHS tapes. Seriously, look at blocks of red on the screen — or what should be blocks of red.

3) It would probably not be good for me, but I have this urge to order pizza. NOT going to, though. Really not going to.

4) Did you know you can get ground coffee from Amazon?

5) Not going to talk about the Labour leadership contest, it is too depressing.

6) So is the popping up of Tony Blair again, but this article is worth reading: Fisking Blair's chapter on Iraq.

7) Caledonia Books (Gt. Western Rd.) has had an influx of SF books recently. Admittedly some of us have had a damn good pick through them for the choice bits, but still worth checking out.

Not going to order pizza. No, definitely not.


Sep. 7th, 2009 10:01 pm
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OK, so I decided in favour of the cinema (didn't decide until I was in the city centre, though). Good choice. Being wedged in that seat helped my back no end (on the other hand, the wait for the bus didn't help, so a bit of swings and roundabouts there), and the film (L'ennemi public No. 1) was good. Not exactly a film to describe as enjoyable, but gripping. Rather more wobbling hand-held camera work than in the first part (L'instinct de mort), I think, and not always to good effect. Didn't spoil it, though.

Although Mesrine was a brutal character, there's humour in the films and some touching scenes. The problem with films about real people is the impossibility of really getting inside their heads and understanding what made them tick; even more so with someone like Mesrine, who was acutely aware of his public image and played to it whenever possible. Vincent Cassel's performance is superb, the depiction of someone who is capable of tenderness and good humour and vicious brutality is completely convincing, without ever letting you think "the guy's all right, really." The most troubling things in the films, though, weren't the actions of Mesrine and his accomplices, they were the behaviour of the authorities: the special detention unit in Canada seems to have been basically a torture unit if part one is accurate; and then there is the assassination of Mesrine by the police in Paris (the way the films are structured, this is really not a spoiler for anyone who doesn't know the end of his story) — I would like to think things are different today....
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Two days to go until Satellite 2; I was digging out something for the con last night and came across my folder from Satellite 1, with my notes for the closing ceremony at the top. (Most of the notes are on the lines of Thank X.) That was a good day; I expect Satellite 2 to be much better.

I think I am almost back at where I wanted to be this week in terms of preparation. I got seriously knocked down by neck pain (much the worst I have ever had) on Tuesday night, which left me out of it for most of yesterday. Bit of luck it hit after I got the new analgesic prescription; it definitely helped.

Anyway, I have now spent five minutes doing this, which is long enough; I have more to do, so better get on with it.

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I have stuff to do — shopping (low on food), concom meeting —and suddenly I am feeling quite unwell, as though brewing some viral thing. Feel very much like throwing up, as well as having my balance knocked out of whack and feeling on the verge of fainting. Grrr.
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OK, I have spent a substantial part of the past three days in bed. For those new to my journal, I have ME, which a lot of people don't know when they meet me (which suits me). This is because I tend to pace myself so that when people see me, I'm not too bad. If I am too bad, I generally can't make it out, so it's easy not to spot I have it. It is also not, mostly, as bad as it was at the start, but just lately it has taken a serious turn for the worse. Partly this is the effect of my having had a few months of other health problems (asthma, chest infection, weird dietary problem), partly having had to expend a lot of my spoons on helping out my parents (my father has been ill, in hospital a couple of times, and my mother's mobility is very limited). Except that I have had rest and things should have been on an improving curve, but in fact things have been been inclining to be worse. I can't help wondering if some of my other medication is having a bad effect on the ME. The past three days I have had almost no energy, had problems moving around the flat, and have tended to feel so exhausted I was on the point of collapse while I was lying down.

I am quite pleased this didn't hit earlier, because it would seriously have buggered up Friday. I spent a chunk of the day with [livejournal.com profile] banhe, whose birthday it was. There was photography involved, and food, and the giving of presents. It was excellent getting the chance to catch up with her.

Since she's vegan, we ate in the Note. I decided not to take the risotto cakes (which are delicious and I can tolerate them) because I always take them lately, and instead decided to have the lasagne. It was nice, and I had no catastrophic effects, but there was definite unpleasant bloating for several hours afterwards. I recently also tried some beans (since I like beans on toast) and it wasn't too bad — not the catastrophically bad effects I was getting with fibre a few months ago. However, definite discomfort and bloating, enough to suggest eating more fibre would be a bad idea. So, it looks like it is going to be a while yet before I get back to being vegan.

My father's is not too well again; in exactly what way, who knows? He will not describe his symptoms. He's been put on some new medication which looks like some fairly potent antimicrobial, and he's going to be reassessed at the end of the week, and possibly admitted again to hospital. This is going to be fun.

I have been pleased to discover that there's now a BBC iPlayer which works properly with Linux, using Adobe AIR if I recall correctly (I installed it just before the ME thumped me at the weekend). Not sure how long that has been available, I haven't even looked at the iPlayer page for several months. It's about time, whenever it was implemented.

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Today I had to take my mother to the hospital for a retinal check-up that's been delayed several times because of my/my father's ill health. Check up was fine; my shoulders are aching from pushing the wheelchair, though. Back at my parents' I've been trying to figure out some more of the labyrinthine menus on their Sony DVD recorder (whatever else you might say about their kit — and at the very least you would have to say it ain't as good as they would like to think — Sony's user interfaces suck the goat). I have also, as you can see, taken the opportunity to pinch some bandwidth.

Medication changed again on Monday. Getting some side effects, I think. At least, I hope that awful washed-out feeling that hit me about 8pm last night was a side-effect. On the other hand, the meds seem to be working: I feel as though my BP is a little down from the way it has been lately. Slight change to asthma meds seems to have been beneficial.

Just spent the best part of an hour and a half banging my head off TheTrainline.com. Eventually got some travel plans sorted. The others will have to wait. But that has wasted time I had planned to use for other purposes. *sigh*

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Like the subject says...

I am in hospital (the GRI) after a severe asthma attack. I'm OK. With
luck, getting out tomorrow.


Sep. 15th, 2008 11:48 am
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[For the benefit of new readers, I currently don't get online much since my priorities with my new accommodation have focussed on things like carpet, furniture and a supply of food rather than getting hooked up to the Net. It's on the list, but so far hasn't made it close enough to the top to actually get dealt with, and the delay has been compounded by iffy health which has been compounded by having to expend energy on sorting out the flat... Interesting times, you might say. So, the point of that is I don't update this very often, and I don't get a chance to read people's posts very often. It doesn't mean I am not interested.]

I am in the ideal Internet café. Relaxing ambient music. Decent coffee. Vegan snacks. Free internet access (on a Fedora-running setup, no less — oh, the geeky delight!). The downside (you knew there had to be one, right?) is that it is over four hundred miles from where I actually live. (This business of finding goodness but it being a significant distance from home is getting a bit too recurrent for my liking.)

Oh, and the café overlooks a canal (Regent's, I think). It is so cool. And another coffee and I get a free one. Oh, for a matter transporter.

Anyway. Having heard about it a couple of years ago, I finally made it to a Polyday at the weekend. That was fantastic. It was good to meet some people again and to strike up new friendships. Call me thick, but I hadn't realised just how liberating it would be to be in a wholly poly environment. It was fabulous. Makes me more keen than ever to go on the [livejournal.com profile] ukpolyretreat.

With regard to people I met at Polyday, I think I have emailed/friended everyone I spoke to and got details from, but if I have overlooked you, comment here (and remind me who you are since I am bit tired and the marrying of faces and names is not going smoothly at the moment. Some of you, of course, I remember very clearly. *waves at [livejournal.com profile] eskoala*

Regarding health, in some ways it's not too bad. Spoons are at a decent level for once (and, actually, I am finding that the weekend was good enough I seem to have gained spoons. Yay!) The bugger is the back pain, which remains intermittent, but that is intermittently incredibly bad.

I got down here last week, and while I suppose it isn't unheard of to meet someone you know by accident on a London street, I had been in the city less than half an hour, just got off the tube* and there was [livejournal.com profile] multiclassgeek. I have to say, he looks much better than the last time I saw him. ;)

I think (might be wrong) that I posted something about getting a couple of cool (in both senses) shirts at a market a little while ago, and that I thought they would look fab. To judge from the way people were crossing the room to compliment me on my shirt on Saturday, I was not wrong.

I got back to my friend's place late last night. There are some weird people round here at 11pm! (We were pretty certain that three people who passed us in the street last night wanted to know if we had a lilo. Er...) Really needed a bath, so I had one (after tea and gossip, though, priorities first), then to bed very late. And I woke up at 6am. What on earth is my body thinking of? I hope it hasn't forgotten about me not being a bloody morning person. Three hours of shuffling zombieness before I could get some coffee inside me (yes, I have a good friend who has no coffee making facilities! Grrr!). Ah, lunchtime approaches. Must dash.

*At Mornington Crescent. I win. :)
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I am shattered. Mildly less so than yesterday (had trouble sitting at one point), but still, shattered, and that's probably going to continue for a few days. On the upside, the reason I'm shattered is that there has been stuff done at the flat. There is a carpet in the living room! The television [livejournal.com profile] emmzzi so kindly brought round the other week is set up and working! The new DVD player is shiny! The washing machine is almost usable!

My body's response to all this suggests that it is going to take a lot longer than I thought to get the flat sorted out, I think the bulk of the next few weeks is going to have to be rest time, but the flat feels so much more like home now. On Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] comnena39 came over to help me lift the TV into the living room and I cooked for her. It was very pleasant having her over, the food turned out OK and the DVD she brought over of John Barrowman was very enjoyable. Yep, it feels a lot like home now.

I gather the Sunday programme on Radio 4 had some vile piece about goths on it, which I haven't heard since I haven't got around to sorting out streamed media on this box yet and the relevant section isn't in the podcast. Grrr. Odd that this should be on the same day as something on BBC1 (no idea what, I was playing around with the TV) about how goths are victimised for the way they look (talking, of course, about the murder of that lass in the north of England).

It just occured to me: if anyone complains to Feedback on Radio 4, it is presented by Roger Bolton... the presenter of Sunday.
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 I seem to have done my back in again. Not so badly as a couple of months ago, and it shouldn't interfere with getting out to Trout this week (unless I do something really stupid between now and then). Limiting mobility a bit, though, and if it doesn't fix itself soon, I shall have fun getting shopping later in the week.
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Feeling pretty rough after the gut pain in the night, I dragged myself out for some hot chocolate (and, in the event, a bowl of soup too). That helped me feel a bit more human, as did the sun. It was downright hot today, and it is only May. I wonder if this is going to be a summer hotter than 1976?

I popped into Lush to get something I had run out of, and passed a crowd of people I initially thought were chuggers. Not so: Solidartomsc was out in force in Buchanan Street, trying to get their glorious leader re-elected. It was only when I was in Lush and popping the earpieces of the MP3 player out (an MP3 is a wonderful aid to avoiding people you don't want to talk to, like chuggers and canvassers, when you really are not in the mood) that I realised the voice over the megaphone was familiar. Yes, it was the Govan Bigfoot himself. Slightly shorter than I recall (but, then, I usually think that about people), and I thought a bit less permatanned. I am not going to vote for him, but I can't help thinking politics will be a bit more boring if he doesn't get elected.

I finally caught sight of one the Scottish Christian Party's flyers. One page basically boils down to: We're not homophobic but DO YOU REALISE IT IS ILLEGAL TO TELL A SCHOOLCHILD WHO SAYS HE IS HOMOSEXUAL THAT THIS IS AN ABOMINATION IN THE EYES OF GOD? I should bloody think so! I hope they lose their deposits.

My voice is clearly not back to normal. I had some trouble getting the guy taking my order for the hot chocolate to understand what I wanted. Maybe he was just dozey, but I think my voice remains pretty weak. I had to call [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc today to check her email address, and I was having problems getting my voice working then, too.

Plan for tonight: bath; bed; bland food. Not in that order, that is just the order of what is the most appealing.

BTW, the new issue of The List has the new Glasgow/Edinburgh Eating & Drinking Guide with it. Cheaper to get it with the magazine than to wait and buy it alone.
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Either I am a bit better, or this is the morning patch of lucidity and wellness before the symptoms of 'flu re-emerge. Waiting to see... (I had such a patch yesterday morning, which I hope was useful, I managed to do a little web site stuff which might be of help to [livejournal.com profile] cobrabay — but, then again, might not, of course.) If this is not just a momentary glimpse of well-being at the start of the day (and the fact that I did not wake up until after nine suggests it might be exactly that), there are things I need to do. We shall see.

I watched Doctor Who last night. I enjoyed it. I mean — Daleks! )

Back to reality... the impending elections. Who to vote for? (You can take it for granted that IngSoc Labour will not be getting my vote. Nor will Dave’s boys.) Not going to vote for the LibDems, not given the way they drop all their principles at the prospect of getting into the administration. SNP would be the obvious choice, but those numpties have gone and taken Souter’s cash, so that makes me very disinclined to give them my vote. That leaves the Greens, who might well have got one of my votes anyway (I am not sure of the point of them getting the first vote, though), and the two antagonistic Socialist parties. Plus, in this area, an independent, a surgeon standing in opposition to the local NHS plans to shut (most of) the Victoria and shift all acute care south of the river to the Southern. I do think that plan is not well thought-out, but I am not at all sure this guy’s alternative (a big new hospital at Cowglen) is any better. Cowglen is not the most easy of places to get to; the Victoria, on the other hand, is very accessible by bus and train. It does seem to me that it is in a pretty good location for a hospital. The other thing which gives me pause is that his election leaflet makes a point of stating that he is a Christian and his Christian values underpin everything he does. Nothing against Christians as Christians, but someone effectively saying Vote for me because I am a Christian? — hmm.

(Then there is the loony fringe, of course: the BNP, whose vile pamphlet came through the door yesterday, UKIP no doubt, the Scottish Christian Party, and the nine-percenter’s party. I wonder if Pat Lally is still alive and/or going to be standing again? I would not necessarily assume death would hold him back.)

OK. Still not sure how I am today. I think a wee walk with a friend should give me an idea how I am doing. Nothing strenuous...

[*Maybe I should stop watching Casino Royale...]
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The throat thing seems to be easing (but it hasn't gone). Unfortunately, the sinusitis it triggered (helped by the con hotel's aircon and the smoking section smack in the middle of the lobby) isn't. Not much, anyway. The bit of irrigation with warm water I managed yesterday helped, and I can at least focus with both eyes now, but it remains not good.

Not good... Which makes me think of Doctor Who. I wish someone would buy RTD a dictionary which included the word logic. I saw some of Doctor Who Confidential, and I can't help thinking that a lot of the problem with the new series was summed up by the attitude of the bloke who referred to all the science fiction nonsense going on around the characters. I did make a quiet Eeep! when I saw Spoilery, if you care... )

Anyway, things to do today! Including getting the T-shirt ordered for [livejournal.com profile] sharikkamur (tried to do that last week, but the shop was shut when I got there; it does seem to keep irregular hours). Plus, some artwork to look at. If I can stop coughing, anyway.
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I am coming to the conclusion that this throat is not simply the effects of much talking at Eastercon coming about ten days after an URTI; I think I caught another URTI at Chester. It is mild, but bloody annoying, grumbling away in my nasopharynx. It is a beautiful day, but I know what I need to do is stay in and rest. Bum.

So I am mentally fuzzy, and a little woozy, so not all that productive today. I did manage to get out in the past couple of days to spend time with [livejournal.com profile] banhe, [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc and [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem, which helped recharge my batteries a bit. Trout on Thursday was good, but I did despoon a lot at about half nine. What a pain.

What I need to do in the next day or so is actually go through the addresses I got at Eastercon and organise them. I suppose I should really wait until I can be sure I can focus on the text...

One programme item at Contemplation, of course, was the screening of Doctor Who. It was not the pile of steaming ordure which the first episode was, so it was very well received. But I watched it again last night on BBC4 and... it really was not very good, was it?* (I actually almost feel asleep during it.) I would almost rather watch The Gunfighters again... Actually, strike that almost. *sigh*

If only that were the worst thing on television last night. A new series of Have I Got News For You started last night, and I watched that... and wished I had not, because what immediately preceded it? An election broadcast by the BNP. Where is an emoticon for jaw hitting floor when you need one?

As you might expect, the actual words they delivered were very carefully chosen so as not to frighten the horses. (They are not, unfortunately, so mentally challenged as the NF were.) But the imagery...! At one point, behind the talking head, there was a graphic of shuffling, slope-shouldered, zomboid silhouettes and the text immigrants everywhere.... OMFG! I am trying to work out if there is any chance of this bunch getting a representative into Holyrood, but my head is not clear enough. There are places like Ibrox to take into account. How many votes does it need for one of these twunts to get in on the Glasgow list?

Also WRT the elections... I was not pleased to learn from [livejournal.com profile] banhe the other afternoon (yes, I have not been keeping up with all the news, either!) that the SNP have taken Souter's money. *head in hands*

At least we have the options of Greens and a local independent here.

Gah. I am going to have to go and take some medication, I think. In the meantime, here is a wee meme I have picked up via [livejournal.com profile] loveandgarbage and [livejournal.com profile] sharikkamur. How this works is: you go to IMDB and pick 10 of your favourite films. Pick 3 plot keywords from each and see if people can guess what they are. Here are my ten films for you to guess (no cheating by looking them up!):

1: Messiah, Payphone, Negative Footage [2001: A Space Odyssey, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] blue_condition]
2: Ice Age, Throat Slitting, Title Spoken By Character
3: Catholic Church, Neo-Nazi, Condom
4: Rain, Paranoia, Ocean
5: Anti-Conformity, Peace, Mud [Woodstock, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] blue_condition]
6: Satire, Redhead, Military
7: No Opening Credits, Unspoken Love, Sword Fight [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] soon_lee]
8: Hitler, Nazi, Swedish Sex Bomb [The Producers, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] loveandgarbage]
9: Air Base, Decoder, Torpedo
10: Very Little Dialogue, Character Name In Title, Firework

I have tried to pick keywords which are not the obvious for most of them, although in two of the more obscure I have taken one obvious keyword at least; one film is from this century, most are more than 20 years old. Three of the films are in languages other than English. One is in English and another language.

And now, here is exactly the same thing done for TV programmes:

A: Character Name In Title, Time Travel [Play For Today: The Flipside of Dominick
, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] wibbble]
B: Conspiracy, Demolished Town, Sequel
C: Sex, Student, Hospital
D: Midget, Conversion, Heathen
E: Religious Differences, Pursuit, Morality [Battlestar Galactica, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] loveandgarbage]
F: Hit And Run, Hospital, Police [Life On Mars, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] wibbble]
G: Famous Opening Theme, Corridor, Ethics [Doctor Who, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] wibbble]
H: War Room, Scandal, Election
I: Cult Favorite, Interracial Relationship, Famous Score [Star Trek, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] wibbble]
J: Cult Favorite, Surreal, Ensemble Cast

This list contains three American programmes, all the rest are British; there are two comedy series; seven are classifiable as SF. None of them are obscure (there were obscure ones I was tempted to use, but not having more than one keyword made that difficult ;o) ).

[*All right, that was an understatement. There is a very happy goat in the corner...]


Feb. 27th, 2007 10:04 pm
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Well, it definitely seems that we (me, [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc and [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach) have recovered from the direct effects of whatever was introduced to our drinks last week. The bad news is that it seems to have destabilised my ME, I got symptoms of that today which I haven't had in quite some time. Damn.

I had to go to the Post Office today, and I managed to squeeze in a cup of tea with [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem, whose work seems to have been more than usually irritating today.

Now: need a hot bath to ease aching muscles, then early to bed, and hopefully to sleep, to get some spoons together for tomorrow.

Oh, and thank you to the BBC for replacing Life On Mars with bloody football. *fume*
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Yep, we are still getting symptoms.

Thanks to all of you who have been supportive to me, [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc and [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach in the past few days. No, that still does not include the party's hosts, [livejournal.com profile] current43 and [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil; one of them, in fact, has been heard publicly claiming we were making this up. Clearly I just like hanging around A&E for  hours...

(And, no, they haven't provided us with the list the police asked for.)

Difficult to figure out if it is improving. I am certainly better than I was on Monday or Tuesday. Some of the time, I feel almost as though my brain is working. But there are still episodes of various unpleasant symptoms which come out of the blue.

Today, rather than us each tholing the symptoms alone, I went to [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc's. Much better than being on our own and staring into space. [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem joined us after a while, and she accompanied me part of the way home. Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach had made it to work as she has done all week, but today she is worse affected than previously, and had to go to bed as soon as she got home. I got a take-away (we have a selection of decent Chinese, Indian and pizza places within a few minutes' walk) so that we would eat and not have to cook.

Not feeling so good at the moment. There is a distinct feeling that I could sit and stare at the monitor for a long time...
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I am not doing too well at the moment. Things were bad enough already, having to deal with the effects of a serious of traumatic events including an actual assault in January (not serious physically, but shaking), without some imbecile deciding to slip something into the soft drink we had at the absinthe party last Saturday. And we are still getting symptoms, and it seems that in some respects I have been hit harder than the others who are affected. The worst thing about the symptoms is that they come and go abruptly, with no warning. This is especially the case with a severe lack of energy... that's not right, but I have a lot of difficulty describing this one. Anyway, it has thumped me every day this week in mid-afternoon. It is more distressing to anyone around me than it is to me, but I think that my lack of distress at the time is possibly a symptom in itself.

None of this is helped by the attitude of the two guys who hosted the party. (Well, the guy who hosted it and one of the guys he shares with). On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc posted an account of how she felt (and a good thing, too, since she now cannot remember Sunday or Monday!) which drew a comment from one of the guys which I thought even then, fairly befuddled as I was, was a bit laid-back about the notion of her drink being spiked:

sorry to hear you think someone spiked your drink(s) hope that you did enjoy yourself and may return next time we have another ngiht

That was Sunday. On Monday, their attitude was a little different.

One thing that is important to understand is that our ability to make decisions has been significantly impaired. There is a remarkable degree of mental inertia. [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc and I realised on Sunday that something had been introduced to our drinks, but it took us until Monday to get to the point where we could break out of the Maybe we should do something .... What could we do? .... Should we do that? .... I don't know .... Maybe we should do something .... loop. (At that stage, we had not realised that [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach had also been affected, though talking over the course of events and how she felt on Monday it became obvious, and although she is less badly affected than either [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc or me she is still getting symptoms which interfere with her daily life.)

Up until Monday night, we had talked between ourselves, being affected by this and trying to work out what was going on and what we should do. We had posted a little about it here, because this is our LJ and why should we not talk about something like this? It is hardly trivial, after all. We did want people to know what had happened, and posting to LJ was easier to do than trying to decide who to email, for instance. On Monday night, though, we decided to do something; however, we couldn't do it straight away since I was not up to budging from this seat; and any urgency had gone because of the delay, since we were well beyond the point at which there would be any likelihood of getting a tox screen result. First thing in the morning, we decided. Against the advice of the only unaffected person in the loop at the time, we felt we should talk to [livejournal.com profile] current43 and [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil since the party had been at their place. [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc said she would do it since I was mentally very fuzzy and my speech was slurred. (A little earlier [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem had called me... or I had called her, I can't remember, but anyway she had told me I sounded terrible on the phone.) I was improving at that point, but not fast.

I gather that when she spoke to [livejournal.com profile] current43 (with [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil ranting in the background apparently) [EDIT: I transposed that, I gather [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil was ranting on the phone and [livejournal.com profile] current43 talking in the background; also, they phoned her in response to a text message, which I did not make clear], he was not happy that she had been talking about this on LJ. Not long after, I got a call from [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil in which I think he was ranting, but it was difficult to tell since his mobile signal kept breaking up. Then I got a call from him on his landline, and the only thing which seemed to be on his mind was why had we written about this on LJ and not phoned him. I didn't get much of a chance to say anything before getting passed to [livejournal.com profile] current43, who was saying how furious he was about this. At the time I thought he meant he was furious about the spiking of our drinks, but now it seems he meant he was furious about our saying that our drinks had been spiked. He did express some concerns that he might get sent back to Canada, which seemed to me unfounded and I said so. He wasn't happy that we were planning to go to the police the next day. He asked me if we'd let him talk to the police, which he said he would do that night. OK, I said, but we would be going to the police the next day.

We didn't, of course, because I was still so bad I needed to seek medical advice. My GP is right next to one of the police Divisional HQs, so I had thought: see GP, see police. Except I got referred straight to A&E and spent the rest of the day there.

Wednesday I had been due to meet a member of the Politburo to give him T-shirts to wear at Redemption, and I had to cancel that; and we cancelled Yggdrasil, too. Wednesday was the day I felt so bad I flopped out in bed all afternoon. It was also the day [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil posted a thoroughly obnoxious comment on [livejournal.com profile] dyllanne's LJ (it is friends-locked or I would link to it) in which he ranted about the fact that [livejournal.com profile] dyllanne was talking about what had happened to us when she had not been at the party, about the fact that we were talking about it on LJ at all, and implied that we were lying [WHY? Why on earth would we, or anyone else?] about having had spiked drinks, and then saying that their hospitality had been betrayed and they would never have another party and it was all our [i.e. mine and [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc's] fault!

Yesterday I had to go to Govan to get the T-shirts to Michael; I took the precaution of getting Bruce to meet me there (getting to the Underground station was easy). Then we went to the Uni where I sat with him, [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc and [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem for a while. (I was reluctant to go home and be on my own; some of the symptoms I am getting are very distressing and it helps to have some friends at hand.) Which was OK until I had another one of those weird turns I referred to earlier. Spooked the hell of the three of them and Aly, who came running, apparently. All I remember, despite not having been unaware during this episode, is suddenly seeing Aly in front of me and someone else... who after a few seconds I realised was [livejournal.com profile] ambersrequiem. I was also incredibly thirsty. They were all for having me whipped off to hospital, but managed to dissuade them (well, a precisely similar attack in A&E had not led to me being admitted to hospital, and the receiving physician had been honest that there was not a lot they could really do). After that, though, everyone who had not been affected by whatever drug this was was telling us to go to the police, and we felt we had to do what the People With Brains were saying.

So we did. The police officer we spoke to did say that it would be difficult to do anything after this delay (though he understood why we hadn't been earlier). Interestingly, he also told us that [livejournal.com profile] current43 had not gone to the police either on Monday night or subsequently. He said that we had to get a list of everyone who had been at the party (and that CID were interested). If the party's hosts were not prepared to give us a list, then, he said, they would start to wonder what the hosts had to hide.

We emailed them yesterday asking for the list. The response was two sentences: [livejournal.com profile] current43 had spoken to a friend who was a police constable. Get the police to go to their flat. The tone was quite odd.

So now I am beginning to wonder: do they have something to hide? Have they figured out who did it and don't want to say for some reason? Their behaviour seems inexplicable. If I hosted a party where someone's drinks were spiked I would want to make sure they were OK, and I'd be encouraging them to seek medical advice and see the police as soon as possible. I really do not understand anyone who gets angry with the victims of an assault like this. And I suspect I won't even when my brain is working as usual again.

[This was filtered because I wanted to avoid causing any more stress for [livejournal.com profile] sheonamcc (who was getting certain symptoms worse than me and was finding the behaviour of [livejournal.com profile] current43 and [livejournal.com profile] brenmacneil quite stressful, as if being drugged by some unknown assailant were not stressful enough). However, she has said she is happy to see the post unfiltered, since it is the truth and there is no reason to hide that; I heartily agree with that.]

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