Apr. 9th, 2011 01:00 pm
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I like LJ less and less, though using Firefox on my usual boxes it's OK, because that's adblocked to the gills. When I have to use another browser or even FF on another machine, which occasionally happens, the experience is bloody awful. In fact, the last time I did I gave up because the site was unreachable behind an ad layer that wouldn't go away. Things like that piss me off. DDoS does too, but that isn't LJ's fault. Obtrusive ads, that's LJ's fault. If I didn't have decent adblocking plugins, I would be off.

But I'm not going away. Yes, I have a Dreamwidth account. That's where I post stuff, actually, including this, it just automatically crossposts to LJ. (If you are wondering, my username there is DC.) I don't mention it all the time because where you want to blog/read is your business, and I am not going to leave LJ, there are too many people here I want to keep in touch with. Just saying that in case a prolonged silence leads you to think I've buggered off.

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Or at least it was until I tried to post this fucking entry! Wrote the damn thing, tried to preview it, and LJ has just lost it. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

The gist of the entry was that we had a very pleasant day. [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach and I met [livejournal.com profile] witch_abroad in The 13th Note for lunch, then we went to the West End, wandered around for a bit, did a little shopping, then ended up in Tchai Ovna. A fairly leisurely day, though I am feeling a little spoons depleted now. Not unpleasantly so, but I am aware I have come close to overdoing it.

Can't decide whether or not I can be bothered watching Dracula tonight. I suppose it might be a good adaptation, but what are the odds? I may be just too tired. I would tape it, but I think the VCR is just not doing that any more.

ETA: After I wrote that last paragraph, I saw today's Dilbert... )


Dec. 15th, 2006 04:54 pm
dc: Me, in a pub.  (Dalek)
LiveJournal has not been forwarding comments to my entries today.

No, wait. One has just come through. Four and a half hours after it was posted.

I see from comments elsewhere that it is not just me, either.
dc: Me, in a pub.  (Exterminate All Heathens!)
I can't be the only one getting errors all over the place. Try to look at something on someone's LJ: server unavailable; try to track an entry: server error or database unavailable; try to post a comment: either of those, plus the non-existent comment thing.

Now it seems, from a recent set of comments on [livejournal.com profile] purpletigron's LJ, that if you delete a comment there is nothing to indicate that the comment was ever there in the first place, which makes the remaining comments seem a little odd.

The first lot are clearly errors; I assume that last thing is by design. They all suck, though.

Just saying...
dc: Me, in a pub.  (Exterminate All Heathens!)
I am getting feckin' pissed off with having to try two, three, four times to post comments. If it isn't database not available, it is cannot reply to a non-existent comment — which might be understandable were the comment not so very much existent.

LJ worked fine a few months back. Something has been broken. Please FIX IT.

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