Mar. 1st, 2009 11:47 pm
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If you don't know, there's currently a season of SF on BBC radio:
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Coming to a steam-driven wireless near you tonight:

Sunday Feature
BBC Radio 3
Sun 3 Dec, 21:30 - 22:15

Weird Tales: The Strange Life of H P Lovecraft

Geoff Ward examines the strange life and terrifying world of the man hailed
as America's greatest horror writer since Poe.

During his life Lovecraft's work was confined to lurid pulp magazines and
he died in penury in 1937. Today, however, his writings are considered
modern classics and published in prestigious editions.

Among the writers considering his legacy are Neil Gaiman, S T Joshi, Kelly
Link, Peter Straub and China Miéville.

I may try to listen to this myself if I am up to it.

ETA: I wasn't, but it is available to listen to online for seven days.
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The BBC News 24 screw-up where they somehow managed to get a chunky black guy who is clearly not English on screen to comment on the Apple v. Apple thing under the impression they had well known techno-journo Guy Kewney (who is not black, not chunky, and clearly has English as his first language) is about to be featured on Five News, any minute now.
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Previously we noted the insanity of the BBC’s plans to release the stonking Life On Mars on DVD on Boxing Day. In a quite uncharacterstic burst of sanity, they have responded to the popularity of the programme by bringing the release forward to May 15th. Which is, er, this week next month [see comments for why I boobed]. Cool.

Here it is at
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Radio 3. Good stuff on Radio 3. Don’t like absolutely all of it, but so what? Good music — plus the occasional piece which sounds like an accident in an anvil factory — some of which is jazz and some “world music”, but mostly “classical” (although I must say I share President Bartlet’s doubts about calling something “classical music” when the guy only finished writing it this afternoon), including stuff you don’t normally come across. Continuity announcers who are the aural equivalent of a really good hot water bottle on a cold winter night. A perfect combination of restfulness and challenge.

I have never listened to Radio 3 at 15:40 before.


It’s like the bastard offspring of Radio 1 at its worst and CBBC. It sounds like two 12-year-old, absolute fuckwits bantering — and it is the worst by far fucking banter I have ever heard. It’s the sort of “banter” that would be rejected as too inane for the Oscars. It makes Hank on The Larry Sanders Show sound like Oscar fucking Wilde. I’ve had toothache that was more amusing.

What The Fuck are the BBC playing at? Has someone spiked the tea of the Radio 3 controllers? Whose abortion of an idea is this, and where do they live so we can hunt them down and exterminate them before they contaminate anyone else’s mind. I’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney wearing my nice new quail hat than listen to this drivel again. Oh, for the arm of Gil Hamilton, that I could reach into the set and wring their damned necks to shut them up!

This has been a rant. It should have been typed with CAPSLOCK on, but I took pity on you all.

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