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July's Trout is tomorrow, Thursday 9th, as usual in the back area of the Cask & Still, Hope St. Satellite 2 is only a couple of weeks away now, so this is your last chance to get membership at pre-con rates if you haven't already joined.

Satellite 2 is going to be a fun-packed weekend, with serious items on stuff like the Apollo guidance computer, panels on the Moon in SF and on Iain M. Banks's work, quizzes, silly games (I believe the ever-popular Finding Uranus is returning!), a disco on the Saturday evening, and of course a dealers' room/art show.

If you haven't joined up yet, why not?

If you have... have you thought about volunteering to help? The con is run by its members, and everyone can contribute. A little light gophering is a good way to meet people and can make the con a lot more fun, especially if it's your first time.

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Before I get wrapped up in fun stuff (or snowed in, which is also possible in these southerly parts) I wanted to remind everyone that February's Trout is next Thursday, 12th February, from 7pm-ish in The Cask and Still, Hope Street. If you haven't been there before, we meet in the area at the back of the pub. All SF/Fantasy fans welcome.

Some sad news for those of us who remember cons there: the Central Hotel has closed down. It had its problems, but I always enjoyed the cons there. No one who saw John Salthouse's displays of pyromania in the Logie Baird Room is ever likely to forget it. Very sad to see it go.

[ETA: and I have just been told that John Salthouse himself has died recently. It gets worse and worse...]


Mar. 6th, 2007 01:15 pm
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This a reminder that Trout ([livejournal.com profile] glasgow_fen) is this week, on Thursday from 7pm-ish in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street.

It is also a reminder that this is the last Trout at which you will be able to sign up for Satellite 1 at the current low rates. Membership rates will increase after Eastercon, so join up early and save money!
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Trout meets this Thursday, as usual in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street, from 7pm.

Recent months have seen the kitchen shutting a little earlier than we have been used to, so anyone wanting food should get there early. Also note that the HBOS branch at the corner of Queen Street and Ingram Street has closed and the ATMs have gone, so no quick popping out from the Ingram to get cash any more, unfortunately.

Those of you who have not signed up for [livejournal.com profile] satellite_1 will have a chance to do so on Thursday.
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This is just to remind folks that October's Trout is Thursday 12th, i.e. tomorrow, from 7pm in the Ingram Bar, Queen St., as usual. Anyone wanting food should try to get there early as recently they have been a chef down and have had to shut the kitchen down earlier than usual. Whether that will be the case tomorrow I don't know, but best to play safe.

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Jun. 9th, 2006 09:27 am
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Last night was Trout, and a smallish turnout, not surprisingly given the hot weather and the number of people away. ([livejournal.com profile] munchkinstein, you were missed.) Not too bad a turnout, really, especially considering the number of people who came and went early. Much conversation about the merits (which are many) of new Who and new Battlestar Galactica. That’s when we weren’t talking about the Second World War, jobs, whisky, wine, Cons past, Cons future (particularly the ID requirements Convoy are going to have for on-the-door memberships), remakes, tents, etc. In other words, a typical Trout night.

Not typical: [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach looking at her watch and saying, It’s after midnight! It’s your birthday! And then the bunch of them singing Happy Birthday while I look for somewhere to hide...

Irritatingly, [livejournal.com profile] cuddles_batcave was telling me about an R1 DVD release which sounded interesting... and can I remember the title? No, I can’t. :(

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This is a reminder that the May Trout (Glasgow SF fan group) gathering will be tomorrow night, Thursday 11th May, from 7pm in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street. All SF fans welcome.
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April’s Trout takes place on Thursday, April 13th, as usual from 7pm in the Ingram Bar in Queen Street. The evening will be a little different from the usual Trout:
  1. This is the night before Eastercon — hopefully, anyone coming to Glasgow for Concussion will be have heard of the Trout gathering; do spread the word, though, so that anyone who wants to can come along.

  2. As well as the usual Trout gathering, sharing the Ingram with us that night will be Word Dogs, a reading of stories by GSFWC and their friends: this will get started from 8pm. The programme is not finalised, but there will be contributions from Hal Duncan, Gavin Inglis, Richard Mosses, Mark Harding and Mike Gallagher, and probably also from Neil Williamson, Paul Cockburn, Gary Gibson, and Phil Raines; there may well be others.
Those who have been to Trout before: the normal, sociable Trout gathering will be focussed in a different area of the pub, to the rear and at the left (where there is a raised area); the section of the pub we have normally used for Trout will be used for Word Dogs — this is to the right of the bar as you enter. The layout of the pub means that anyone who just wants to have a sociable chat with other fen can do so at the same time as the readings are going on.

Those who haven’t been to Trout before: the Ingram Bar is a pleasant city centre bar, handy for bus, train, subway and taxi (so no problem getting home/back to the hotel); during the day and into the early part of the evening it serves food which is better than the average pub food. On the 13th, the kitchen will stay open until 7:30pm for us (usually shuts at 7pm); people wanting food should try to get there as early as they can make it. As well as food, the Ingram usually has three decent real ales on draught and it always has an excellent selection of whiskies.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 09:06 am
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My mother should be getting out today — she is really champing at the bit to get home. She is looking very well, really, now, let’s hope this has got the message across to her that she should not try to hide it when she’s ill and shouldn’t balk at seeing the doctor.

The moot last night was quite fun, despite the non-appearance of the bloody speaker!

We had a wee discussion on the practice of magic, which went OK (though frankly I was too tired for something like that), then settled down to a social moot. Saw some people I hadn’t seen for a while. Don’t much like the substitute venue though, the staff were a little snotty last night, and the layout is pretty poor for a moot. I think I was right about the level of custom they get through not answering the phone — there was one group (of three people) in there eating when we arrived last night.

Reading this post by [livejournal.com profile] scimon (go there and follow the link to the Intelligent Design FAQ, it’s a hoot) reminded me of a page I came across the other day. We all know that Creationists and their fellow-travellers are talking bollocks when they claim that there is a controversy within the field of biology over whether or not the Theory of Evolution is true; now someone has actually surveyed universities in the USA to demonstrate that it is bollocks: Turn out the lights, the ‘Teach the controversy’ party’s over.

Next week, Trout — the great thing about that is there is almost no organisation involved. A relaxing evening among the fen... Lovely.
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My mother has not been too well, lately, and despite my and my father’s efforts to persuade her to see a doctor see was intransigent in her refusal to do so. Yesterday he insisted, though, and within a few hours my mother had been admitted to hospital. We don’t know precisely what the problem is, as we haven’t been able to talk to the medical staff yet, but the likeliest problem seems to be some cardiac difficulty given her condition; there are other possibilities, though. We should know more later this morning. I am confident that she’ll get treatment which will help her a lot.

This is exactly what I didn’t need, quite apart from the obvious fact I don’t want my mother to be ill. The problem is that she has been admitted to Stobhill. There’s nothing wrong with it as a hospital — it’s rather good, in fact — but it is a fucking awful place to get to. As far as I can see (which might not be too far, given how bad the route map is) it is served by two buses, neither of which it is easy to see where you might get it, neither of which runs more frequently than every half hour, and neither of which runs at night (probably). Yesterday, I tried to make sense of the bus route map, failed, and got a taxi from the city centre as I could not waste more time — but I can’t afford to do that too often. The nearest railway station is still far away enough to require a taxi from it to the hospital. Getting there from here takes quite some time, I need to allow at least an hour and a half. Once there, it is one of those sprawling hospitals where you have to walk for ages along long, long corridors to get anywhere.

A while ago — was it two years? I’m not sure — my father was in there for major surgery (which went well), and even though he was not in for long, going out there with my mother led to my having a serious relapse for the best part of two months; I was pretty much not up to anything. As I am coming out of a bit of a relapse at the moment, this doesn’t bode well... In fact, last night I had more extensive fasciculation in my legs than I have ever had (it made getting to sleep difficult), and I was very shaky on my feet this morning. I am going to have to really pay attention to the organisation of my rest, which hasn’t been necessary for several years. Bugger.

On the good side of things, Trout last night was pleasant, with some faces I haven’t seen for a while, a good turnout, and the prospect of a Trout trip to the Paisley Beer Festival. Also good was the discovery that the “poetry reading” which was apparently going to take place in the Ingram on the same night as the pre-Eastercon Trout is in fact a readings session organised by the local SF writing group, in fact by one of the Trouts! All simple, and we will have most of the pub that night by the looks of it.


Feb. 9th, 2006 08:21 am
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Trout is tonight, from 7pm in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street.
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Are you an SF/fantasy fan? Do you go to conventions? Are you interested in filking/masquerades/beer drinking? If your answer to any of these is “Yes” and you live in the Glasgow area, you’ll probably be aware that there hasn’t been a general SF fan group in the city since the Trouts faded away some time ago. Recently some of us got together in a city centre pub to see if there would be any interested in getting one going again — there seems to be enough interest, so we’re going ahead with monthly gatherings on the second Thursday of the month in the Ingram Bar.

See the new LJ community for more details: [livejournal.com profile] glasgow_fen.

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