May. 31st, 2011

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I remember when Google Maps first appeared I said I would never use it for somewhere I didn't know well myself. That kind of still applies, although Street View makes up for a lot of its deficiencies, since whatever the map shows, the pictures record pretty much what's there. (Though an unfortunately parked van did foil my use of it to identify a particular restaurant's location once.) Still, though, if I really want a good idea about street layout in an area I don't know, I would rather use Streetmap, which is much more accurate.

What baffles me is when Google Maps decides to rename a road. Not talking about small streets or lanes here, either. The first time I came across this was in 2005 when I discovered Google Maps was under the impression that Great Western Road (one of the main arterial routes into Glasgow) was called “Inverquhomery Road” — a street name you won't find anywhere in the city.

They're at it again. Checking up on the location of a place in Bloomsbury, I discovered that Google Maps thinks that the road running south from Russell Square to the junction with High Holborn and Kingsway is called Northampton Row.

Seriously, WTF?

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