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The Sunday Times is out today, with the bit about Witchfest in it. It could have been so much worse.

At Witchfest, some of us were a bit bemused by the Geddes-Wards’ talk on fairies. Or faeries, rather. In Scottish folklore, you see, fairies are not the sort of creatures you want taking any interest in you, and you certainly wouldn’t go inviting them into, well, any space where you were. However, I can now see the great usefulness of having that sort of talk: you get a man, a woman, and two kids, all in crushed velvet, etc., and you clearly have a much more photogenic scene than anything involving a big, beardy guy with a staff. I feel like someone just turned up with the “get out of jail free” cards.

The article itself is not too bad, although at no point am I accurately quoted. Some stuff attributed to me I did say, but it has been edited in such a way that the meaning is more or less altered. I did not mention Harry fucking Potter! On the other hand, I was not so worried about what the reporter would write as what the editor and sub-editor would get up to.

Yep, they fucked us. Well, me, anyway. The intro paragraph has a fairly sarcastic ring to it, but what made me yelp was the Inside box on the front page of the Ecosse section. It says: Witch doctor: A former medic is one of Scotland’s top wizards.

Oh, fucking fuck fuckity-fuck FUCK!

(Do I need to mention that I heard no one use the word wizard all day? That I told them I would not even use the word witch to describe myself? That I made no claims to being the top anything?)

The basic text, as I say, is not too bad, but it suffers from the usual thing of a reporter who does not actually know the subject trying to get it right, and not quite doing it. I have never seen any newspaper report about anything I knew about which did not suffer from the same thing, so I guess this counts as a reasonably fair article. It certainly lacks one annoying feature which used to be a staple of such reports: the balancing comment from a member of a mainstream religion (or, a load of bigoted bollocks from the more extreme clergy of the Church of Scotland).

From a different perspective, Thor and Clutha both get mentioned, as does Óðinn (who will no doubt be pleased), so that in itself is good.


May. 5th, 2006 02:40 pm
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The BBC have some stunning pictures of last night’s storm.

Hail Thor!

May. 4th, 2006 11:47 pm
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It was a hot, muggy day today, the sort of day where you want to get outside and cool down, then realise you are outside. All day it felt like we needed a thunderstorm.

We went to the moot (we are sort of getting used to the new Blackfriars, though it still feels a bit soulless) and it was still like that; but then [livejournal.com profile] greggusxmachina went off to meet Steph and hurried back for his jacket saying, “Thunder. Lightning. Rain.” A while later, I got a text message from [livejournal.com profile] janimoon talking about the magnificent storm. I thought we had missed it.

No. We came out of the moot at ten to eleven, and rain was cascading down off the buildings, bouncing from the pavement. Then the sky lit up, blue-white from horizon to horizon, very quickly followed by deep, rumbling thunder. We headed for the bus, and waited for ten minutes or so at the stop, watching the storm, the occasional finely etched fork just visible against the brilliant light reflecting back from the cloud layer. It was magnificent. The rain stopped briefly when we got home; when we descended from the bus the pavements were steaming. The rain has re-started, although the lighting seems to have stopped. It’s still warm, but not so muggy.

Hail Thor!

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