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Last night was the Glasgow Moots’ Samhuinn Party, held again at the Boswell Hotel. Last year was hectic, to say the least — the originally planned venue having closed down without warning in the middle of October, so we… that is, I had to rush around to find a new venue. The Boswell was somewhere I’d never even heard of, despite it being just up the hill from where we live. It turned out to be a great choce, with a downstairs bar we had to ourselves, and most people seemed to have a good time. For us, though, it whizzed past in a blur as we were organising it.

This year, we had some slight qualms because the Hotel was taken over by new management only a month or two ago, but it turns out the new owner seems to know exactly what he’s doing. With some helpful people volunteered to look after certain aspects of the party, [livejournal.com profile] rhionnach and I were actually able to relax and enjoy the party this year. The general consensus seemed to be that it was even better than last year. Some good fancy dress costumes, too — the winner by a long way was Elaine, done up as Clutha, but the runners-up were very difficult to separate to give the second prize.

I haven't enjoyed a party that much for ages.

Last night

Oct. 11th, 2005 12:07 pm
dc: Me, in a pub.  (Exterminate All Heathens!)
Last night’s Hearth was a bit of a trial. We’d been lined up to do the talk at it for a while, but we hadn’t counted on my being in recovery from a cold which has left me with a hoarse voice (which keeps fading) and Jean developing a sore throat, too. To make matters worse, Pauline (the one who runs the Hearth, not the Druid one) also came down with a throat infection yesterday and couldn’t come at all, so we had to do everything. And then when we were there I discovered that the old back injury which had been troublesome at the weekend was going to be absolute bloody agony. Fortunately, one end of the room has a sort of wooden screen affair by the door, so by grabbing hold of that and holding on to the back of a chair I could stand while we did the talk — or rather, the discussion, since we figured that would be a good way to shift the load from our voices. It covered much the same ground as we’d been planning to talk about, with some inevitable diversions.

The turnout was a bit lower than usual — it was pissing down — but three newcomers were there for the first time, and they seemed to enjoy it.

If I can handle sitting for that length of time, I’m going to try to watch A Very Social Secretary, shown last night on More4’s first night of broadcasting. I like the looks of this new channel, and the way they’re using “Adult Entertainment” to describe it — i.e. entertainment for adults, not porn. It’s good that they’re going to be showing Father Ted again.

I think some people are a bit pissed off that it’s going to be the only place The West Wing is shown, though.
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Last night the Hearth celebrated its tenth anniversary — slightly late, actually, it should have been celebrated a couple of months ago, but never mind. For this, Pauline had decided to have a relaxed, sociable evening, most people brought some food and the pub provided some sandwiches, too. Martin came up with his harp and gave us twenty to thirty minutes of excellent music. It’s difficult to believe it is ten years. Seems like yesterday I met Pauline at the old PF moot (run by Bill then, in Times Square’s cosy wee snug). I recall the first few meetings of the Hearth in the Corn Exchange, Martin talking about magic, Pauline casting a circle... it was like old times last night, seeing Martin there, as well as Tim and Janet and some other old faces; and Potia and Ann turned up, too — first time they’ve made it since the moot moved south of the river. I had a thumping headache at the start of the evening, but it passed off — helped, perhaps, by the soothing harp music. Or possibly it was the bottles of wine we sank.

It was a pleasant evening, too, as far as weather went. We left off our jackets and just went in T-shirts & pocketed waistcoats — a good decision, we would have been much too warm with even a light jacket. It was even a pleasantly warm evening to walk home at midnight. Balmy.

First set of names (and £3 deposits) were taken for the Samhuinn party. At least this year, the venue should still be there when we get to Samhuinn. :)

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