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A new bookshop is always a pleasant discovery, so I was very pleased early in 2014 to stumble across Watermark Books in King's Cross Station (I was down in London for a couple of things, including Nordicana and to celebrate a friend's birthday). Watermark isn't a huge bookshop, so I didn't expect a lot from it. However, it turned out they pack a lot into their small shop. I knew it was good as soon as I saw the table of translated fiction. That wasn't the last time I visited there, and on each occasion I came away with something interesting to read. Basically, whenever I was in London I made sure I took the opportunity to pop in (and since last year's Worldcon was in London, I was down more than usual).

You can imagine how disappointed (to use understatement) I was to hear that they are closing down soon. I believe they will be open for the whole of July, but I may have misunderstood that. This isn't, as far as I can gather, because they aren't doing good business, but because the site's owners want to change the use of the space. Whatever the reason, it's a real shame. I don't know when I am likely to be in London again, but I'm really not pleased that whenever I'm next there I won't be able to pop in to Watermark and see what unexpected goodies they have on their shelves.

It's always annoying when somewhere you like closes down (several of us still mourn the loss of Glasgow's Biblocafe, and that's been closed a few years now), but to me it seems worse when that's a good bookshop. And Watermark is a good bookshop.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I miss Smith's [John Smith & Son, not W.H.]. I know the university branches remain, but I mean the main branch in Glasgow, in St. Vincent Street, as it was in the 1970s (it went downhill in the latter years before it closed, and service became dire). In those days it was a cave of books, full of fascinating titles everywhere you looked. I could spend hours looking at the SF section (just inside the left-hand door, that was) alone.

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