Mar. 3rd, 2006 09:06 am
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My mother should be getting out today — she is really champing at the bit to get home. She is looking very well, really, now, let’s hope this has got the message across to her that she should not try to hide it when she’s ill and shouldn’t balk at seeing the doctor.

The moot last night was quite fun, despite the non-appearance of the bloody speaker!

We had a wee discussion on the practice of magic, which went OK (though frankly I was too tired for something like that), then settled down to a social moot. Saw some people I hadn’t seen for a while. Don’t much like the substitute venue though, the staff were a little snotty last night, and the layout is pretty poor for a moot. I think I was right about the level of custom they get through not answering the phone — there was one group (of three people) in there eating when we arrived last night.

Reading this post by [ profile] scimon (go there and follow the link to the Intelligent Design FAQ, it’s a hoot) reminded me of a page I came across the other day. We all know that Creationists and their fellow-travellers are talking bollocks when they claim that there is a controversy within the field of biology over whether or not the Theory of Evolution is true; now someone has actually surveyed universities in the USA to demonstrate that it is bollocks: Turn out the lights, the ‘Teach the controversy’ party’s over.

Next week, Trout — the great thing about that is there is almost no organisation involved. A relaxing evening among the fen... Lovely.
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One of the moots we organise has had to shift venue last month and this month because of work being carried out at our usual home. Fair enough; the substitute venue isn’t brilliant, for our purposes, but it will do for two months.

But it would bloody help if the substitute venue would answer the damn phone!

No wonder it was so quiet last month. Clearly, they aren’t that fussed about taking bookings.
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Last night was the Glasgow Moots’ Samhuinn Party, held again at the Boswell Hotel. Last year was hectic, to say the least — the originally planned venue having closed down without warning in the middle of October, so we… that is, I had to rush around to find a new venue. The Boswell was somewhere I’d never even heard of, despite it being just up the hill from where we live. It turned out to be a great choce, with a downstairs bar we had to ourselves, and most people seemed to have a good time. For us, though, it whizzed past in a blur as we were organising it.

This year, we had some slight qualms because the Hotel was taken over by new management only a month or two ago, but it turns out the new owner seems to know exactly what he’s doing. With some helpful people volunteered to look after certain aspects of the party, [ profile] rhionnach and I were actually able to relax and enjoy the party this year. The general consensus seemed to be that it was even better than last year. Some good fancy dress costumes, too — the winner by a long way was Elaine, done up as Clutha, but the runners-up were very difficult to separate to give the second prize.

I haven't enjoyed a party that much for ages.

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